Optimize your development process

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Development-Process Consulting

The involvement of software developers in business processes, the identification of requirements for software in collaboration with customers and users, as well as the organization of development activities all have a major impact on the success and efficiency of a project.

In particular, with an agile approach, it is important that the development process is continuously adapted to the actual needs of the teams. It is necessary to identify and eliminate the true causes of any problems that arise. Experience shows that this is often more difficult than one might think. Solutions that have proven successful in one project or company may not work in other projects or companies. To find the causes of these problems, it is often necessary to analyze the dynamics of the underlying system, identify points of improvement and, based on the principles of agile software development, design and implement solutions.

Our consultants show teams and managers techniques for analyzing problems and finding the causes of problems, as well as approaches to eliminate the identified weaknesses based on the principles of agile software development and the “lean mindset”. This helps our experienced coaches to help your developers, scrum masters and managers to live an agile approach to software development.


We are very happy to take time for you. Use our contact form for a written contact. Our team will respond quickly and within 24 hours at the latest. In case of technical questions and to clarify the focal points, which are target-oriented for your team, please use the possibility of a non-binding consultation appointment.