Turn your codebase into clean code

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Working with Legacy Code

Many software projects do not start with a blank slate, but with an existing code base. This existing code is often poorly structured, difficult to understand, hard to maintain and barely adaptable to new requirements. The result is high costs for maintenance and extension of the software. The developers are frustrated because they have to deal with problems and bugs in the old code instead of focusing on improvements and new features. The customers are frustrated because the software does not offer the desired functions and the costs for maintenance and extension of the software are constantly increasing.

It is often not economical to rewrite the existing code completely, instead the code must be improved step by step. However, many developers are afraid to change the code because they rightly fear that this will introduce new errors. As a result, the code gets worse and worse and the costs for maintenance and extension of the software continue to rise.

But there are many proven techniques to improve the code step by step and gradually bring it into a form in which developers can work with it again and maintain and extend the code more easily. This will transform your legacy codebase into a modern codebase that is easier and more cost-effective to maintain and extend, and that will give your developers pleasure in working with the code again.

Our experienced coaches show your developers how to apply these techniques to concrete problems in their existing codebase and how to avoid many of the pitfalls that arise when working with legacy code.


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