Take your team to the next level


Do you want your team to

  • learn a new programming language?
  • deepen existing knowledge?
  • master Clean Code and Clean Test?
  • write easily extensible and testable code?
  • use object-oriented programming correctly?
  • implement clean and flexible software architecture?
  • master and use agile methods and best practices?
  • develop software faster?
  • reduce software maintenance costs?
  • meet deadlines as relaxed as possible?
  • implement new requirements on schedule?
  • permanently improve an existing code base?
  • use techniques from machine learning?
  • learn and use cloud computing topics?

Our solutions for your team

Solution 1: Customized IT practice training

In our IT & AI training courses, the necessary knowledge and know-how is imparted in a practical, compact manner with many examples and programming tasks. With the acquired knowledge, our participants can develop innovative solutions for real IT & AI problems and master new challenges.

We adapt the topics, content and focus of the training to your individual IT needs. We discuss your objectives and advise you on the optimal course of the training. We have the right solution of customized training programs for every situation, team size and team competence.

Solution 2: Project-related technical coaching

While training imparts the necessary knowledge, technical coaching helps your team apply the learned knowledge to their own project: One of our experienced coaches helps your team apply the concepts learned directly to your production code in their own projects.

Your team learns first-hand how to transform the existing code base into high-quality clean code. Existing structures thus become flexible software solutions.

What exclusive trainings does the
Coding Academy offer for teams?

When does customized training make sense for your team?

Examples of topics that can be covered in customized hands-on training are:

Learn new programming language

Do you want your team to learn a new programming language as quickly as possible? Training shortens the learning curve and there is no longer an obstacle to successfully implementing projects in this language.

Deepen existing knowledge

Your team is working on a project in Python, C#, C++, Java or JavaScript and you want to bring the knowledge of the team members to a common level? This way, the code base can be maintained more efficiently and easily.

Improve existing code base

Your team has to work with an existing code base (legacy code) that is difficult to maintain and extend? This way, your team will learn in practice the most important techniques to maintain bugs and to work safer and faster on legacy code.

Mastering Clean Code and Clean Test

Your team wants to learn best practices for writing clean code and tests in Python, C#, C++, Java, or JavaScript and implement them in ongoing projects? This can improve the quality and error-proneness of the software.

Improve software architecture

Your team has to work with an existing code base (legacy code) that is difficult to maintain and extend? This way, your team will learn in practice the most important techniques to maintain bugs and to work safer and faster on legacy code.

Use Machine Learning

Your team wants to use techniques from machine learning or artificial intelligence for ongoing or planned projects? This is how effective techniques can bring the decisive advantage at the right moment.

Learn Cloud Computing

Your team wants to learn and apply the basics of cloud computing like Docker and Kubernetes and/or master MS Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and use them to migrate existing applications to the cloud.

When does technical coaching make sense for your team?

Examples of topics that can be addressed in technical coaching include:

Find software requirements

Through use cases (UC) and user stories (US), as well as creating and maintaining a product backlog that describes the desired features of software to be developed.

Improve existing software architecture

Such as Multi-layer or Hexagonal Architecture, Clean Architecture, etc. This lays the foundation for creating software that can be easily maintained and extended, and allows developers to understand the big picture of the software.

Increase code quality and productivity

Clean Code rules that specify how the concrete implementation of the software can be designed so that the code is understandable and easy to maintain or extend. Test-driven software development (TDD) and continuous integration (CI) are development practices that are fundamental to agile software development.

Find and remove development blockages

Our coaches show teams and managers techniques for analyzing problems, finding the root causes of problems and procedures to eliminate the found weaknesses based on the principles of agile software development of the "lean mindset". By doing so, our experienced coaches help your developer(s), scrum master(s) and manager(s) to give an agile approach to software development.

Improve development process

For example, some companies recognize that their development processes are not flexible enough for the requirements of modern software development, but do not have the expertise to restructure them themselves. In this case, our consultants can analyze the existing processes in cooperation with the management and create concepts for improving the processes or introducing new process models.

Apply software solution

If you do not have development capacity for a required software product at the moment, we can take over the complete development of a "turnkey" software solution for you. For companies that specialize in developing front-end or back-end solutions, our consultants can take over the development of those components that your developers are not familiar with. For example, our developers can develop modern web front-ends in JavaScript for you if you specialize in implementing server solutions or vice versa. We can take care of the backend for you.

However, consulting services are not only an option if you want to commission the development of a complete product. In many cases, you may only need assistance with some phases of development or with improving your processes.

Migrate application to the cloud

Do you want to migrate your applications and infrastructure to the cloud? But you don't have the experts, the know-how or the time? We would be happy to support you by teaching your team the cloud computing basics in a practical way and mastering the migration together.

We, the Coding Academy would like to accompany your team in all these individual topics. Our customers rely on customized practical training and project-related technical coaching. Write us what your team needs and we will create an individual training concept based on your objectives.


We are very happy to take time for you. Use our contact form for a written contact. Our team will respond quickly and within 24 hours at the latest. In case of technical questions and to clarify the focal points, which are target-oriented for your team, please use the possibility of a non-binding consultation appointment.