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C#, like Java, is one of the world's recognized programming languages. It's essential for your team to stay up to date.

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then we have just what you need:

  • Do you want to keep your C# team up to date with the latest knowledge and the newest C# features?
  • Do you want your team to learn how to use C# and .NET Framework better and more effectively?
  • Is your team aware of the art of clean code in C#?
  • Do you want to build a new, strong C# team?
  • Do you want to integrate new employees into ongoing projects faster by introducing them to C#?

We at Munich Coding Academy have top experts in C# with over 25 years of project and teaching experience. Our claim is to provide training that is compact, instructive and sustainable. Therefore, you get the possibility to compose your topics modularly.

For advanced trainings or individual trainings in C# we recommend an individual consultation to choose the right focus.

What C# topics can you choose from?

The following list includes the most common C# topics, however, the training can be customized to the level of your team. Based on this, our trainer will adhere to the individual objectives of the course.

If your team just wants an overview, then you can select a relatively large number of topics. However, the team will probably find it relatively difficult to put what they have learned into practice afterwards. Some of the modules above will take a day (or even longer) on their own if the content is to be really thoroughly discussed and your team doesn't already have prior knowledge!

So if you want to work with C# seriously and seriously, then in our experience it is better if you choose few topics and we discuss them in depth and thoroughly in the training and do enough practical workshops. Indeed, "less is more!" applies here. The best way for us to identify together which topics are target-oriented for your team and your projects is in a consultation.

We don't preach theory, we solve problems! Get the maximum knowledge for your team. Compile the topics according to your previous knowledge and needs, depending on the project. Because individual learning brings the desired success! Topics you click here will be automatically referred to us as soon as you send a request form!

C# Basics

Here, the basic language elements and concepts of the C# programming language are treated in a practical, compact and lively manner. The theory is optimized to the essentials, varied examples and tasks that increase in difficulty make the introduction to C# not only easy, but also very exciting. With a lot of fun you will enjoy your first sense of achievement and afterwards you will be able to program small C# programs consisting of several classes. Here you will master the most important basics of C# and C# development environments.

The C# Basics module includes the following focus areas:

Advanced C# topics

Only with the topics of this module you can successfully realize and implement demanding programs and projects in C#.

The Advanced C# topics module includes the following focus areas:

Effective C#: Clean Code and Unit Test

This is the top class module! Your team has very good and solid C# knowledge, can implement industrial and demanding projects in C#?

Yet errors and bugs are piling up? Your team spends more time debugging and correcting than developing more features? Every new requirement becomes a challenge? A small change in one place causes code to break in other places? The team has many quality discrepancies? Only a few people know code very well, so the whole project depends on them? Worse, these experienced people are unhappy? Because they have to be permanently available even on vacation and have to jump in every time a new bug occurs?

It is exactly in such cases that it makes sense for your entire C# team to master the art of writing Clean Code and Clean Unit Test and put it into practice in their daily work. As a result, the code is permanently improved and more understandable for all team members, code quality and productivity increase. Because if every developer produces above-average code, the quality of the code improves from day to day. As a positive side effect, this makes it easier for new employees in your team to get started and familiarize themselves with the code base.

With Clean Code and Clean Unit Test, your team produces effective C# code, high-quality code that is easy to extend, test, and understand, and can respond quickly to new requirements. Your team's productivity and quality, as well as your customers' satisfaction, increase when you can meet deadlines, deliver stable software, and set certain quality standards in the process.

The Effective C#: Clean Code and Unit Test topics module includes the following focus areas:

Object orientation, design and architecture

While the topics in the Effective C# module ensure that your team can write classes with structured and good code and thus produce above-average quality, the focus in the OOP, Design and Architecture module ensures that the relationships between the various classes and the design remain agile and flexible, so that new requirements, that are not quite compatible with the design can still be implemented correctly, well and quickly with manageable effort, by allowing your team to apply proven software architecture solutions such as design patterns as well as very effective object-oriented design principles such as SOLID, dependency inversion, hexagonal architecture or even microservices here.

The topics in this module should not only be mastered by every good software architect, but also by every C# software developer, because with them every developer is able to understand the interfaces to other classes as well as the software architecture and to adapt and extend it if necessary. The topics in this module round out and effective C# best practices and rules and significantly increase the productivity and quality of your team.

The Object orientation, design and architecture module includes the following focus areas:

Working with legacy code in C#

Do you need to understand a complex C# code base without a test suite and implement further requirements based on it? Your team doesn't dare to change the existing code because side-effects can occur, the changes may affect other modules and cause errors in other places? In other words, you need to work with C# legacy code and want to learn the best strategies and techniques to first build a safety net so that you can gradually understand the existing code and refactor it into clean code? Then this module contains the right focus for you! Having to understand and work with an old complex code base without a test suite is by far the most unpleasant thing software developers have to deal with on a daily basis. But not if you have mastered the techniques for working with legacy code. With the appropriate know-how and practical best practices, this challenging task becomes one of the most interesting tasks.

The Working with legacy code in C# module includes the following focus areas:

Working effectively as a team

These modules cover techniques that help make teamwork more productive and improve the quality of the resulting software.

The Working effectively as a team module includes the following focus areas:


The following examples show how some courses can be structured for typical customer requirements.

Modern C#

You are starting a C# project, but some of the team members have knowledge of Java or C++, but not C#. To get these team members to a level where they could productively work on the code base, a course with the following modules would be appropriate:

  • Introduction to .NET Framework
  • Date types and operations
  • Variables and Properties
  • Classes and Objects
  • Arrays, Enum and String
  • Methodes and control flow
  • Abstrakt Classes and Interfaces
  • Data Structure: List, Map
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Concurreny and Asynchrony

Clean Softwarearchitektur in C#

You are a team of experienced developers for whom neither the C++ programming language itself nor the basics of object orientation are new territory. But you want to better structure the large software project you are currently working on and prepare it for future requirements. Then the following modules might be right for you:

  • Practice-relevant software architecture
  • Design patterns in C#
  • Designing, structuring, and implementing large projects:
  • Architectural styles, hexagonal architecture


Dr. Max Meier
Dr. Max Meier

Expert: .NET/C#, Software Architecture, Microservice

Dr. Willhelm Berghorn
Dr. Willhelm Berghorn

Expert: C++, C#, JavaScript, ReactJS, Clean Code

Allaithy Raed
Allaithy Raed

Expert: Java, Python, Clean Code, Unit Test, Clean Design


We offer different course formats: 3-day programs, 4-week intensive programs, and online training videos.

    The 3-day program

    In 3 days (8 hours/day) you will be guided to the next level by an expert: Participate on-site at the Coding Academy Munich or online from anywhere in the world. With a practical exam for the certificate.

    3-Day Online Course

    The course takes place online. All you need is a computer with internet access. For some modules it is necessary to install specific Python packages or additional software. We will clarify details when compiling the course content. You will get access to the material on the first day of the course at the latest.

    3-Days on-site at the Coding Academy

    The course takes place in our modern and well-equipped training rooms. We provide each participant with a modern laptop free of charge during the training. Drinks are provided by the Coding Academy. Access to the material will be provided on the first day of the course at the latest.

    3-days on your premises

    If you wish, one of our experts will hold the course at your premises. Then you provide the technology, e.g. computers with the software needed for the course. With this format, there are additional costs for travel and accommodation.

    Online-Training Videos

    The videos pick up the topics from the live trainings and show real programming examples from practice.

    We also offer the courses as online-only training videos. You have access at any time and can access the modules at your pace. This way, you can benefit from our high-quality learning videos at a very affordable price. In our online forum you can discuss with other participants and get help from our Teaching Assistants in case of problems.

    Contact us about the availability of the course you want.

    The 4-week intensive program

    In 4 weeks to the next level: You get 2-3 hours of teaching and video material on Mondays and take part in our online live training for 2 hours on Fridays. Here, all open questions can be discussed and clarified with the trainer. With a practical exam for the certificate.

    This is a combination of online and offline training, sometimes referred to as "blended learning".


    • We always start on a Monday! You will get high quality learning videos, learning material and sample solutions on the first day. The videos are only available exclusively from us and were recorded by Coding Academy experts.
    • You will study for about 2 hours a day with the videos and study materials. Our courses include many workshops that you work on independently during this time. This engagement with the material and the exercises is essential for success! Because in the online sessions we answer questions about the material learned and discuss the solutions of the workshops, we do not re-explain what was covered in the Learning Video!
    • In the first week we meet online for 2 hours on Wednesday. You can ask questions here, we discuss your solutions to the tasks and explain further topics if necessary or solve additional tasks together.
    • On Friday we will meet again online for 2 hours. Just like Wednesday.
    • From the second week we repeat steps 1, 2 and 4, which means that on Monday you get learning videos and material, you deal with the topics offline and on Friday we meet for 2 hours.
    • We repeat the program for a total of 4 weeks.

    Great extra: Our online forum. All course participants can get help from our teaching assistants at any time.

    Questions and answers about C# training

    Which format is right for me?

    The content that is taught is the same whether you take the course online, on-site, in a 4-week program, or as a training video. We have had very good experiences with all formats.

    Online or on-site training?

    The online and on-site training courses teach the material in a compact, intensive form. You can reserve a block of time that is 100% dedicated to learning, which typically has a positive effect on the learning curve.

    On-site trainings are often a little easier to discuss in a group than online trainings, but online trainings eliminate the time spent traveling to the training and allow you to work in your familiar environment.

    4-week program and training videos?

    With the 4-week program and video-only courses, learning is spread out over a longer period of time. This allows you to flexibly divide your time, learn in a more relaxed way and offers more opportunities to try out the concepts you have learned in practice.

    Another advantage of these formats is that the team does not have to be completely removed from project work for several days. In addition, each participant can complete the video learning units and practice exercises at their own pace and does not have to wait for other participants or complete the assignments under time pressure.

    In the 4-week program, you are responsible for completing the designated learning units and exercises each week to stay on track with the material.

    What is formal process (order, training, invoice)?

    • If you are interested in training, it is best to contact us so that we can clarify the professional issues.
    • If you would like to complete the training with us, we will be happy to send you a non-binding offer.
    • If you like the offer, accept it (a short confirmation by e-mail is sufficient).
    • If you need an order confirmation, we will be happy to send it to you.
    • Then, together, we will find a date that works well for your team.
    • For online training, we will provide you with the link: MS Teams, BBBServer or Zoom.
    • A few days after the training you will receive an invoice with a payment term of two weeks.
    • In case of active participation in the training, participants will receive their certificates subsequently by e-mail.

    What distinguishes courses at the Coding Academy?

    • Individual: we specifically address you and take into account your previous knowledge, desired topics and focal points
    • Developed by experts according to the Raed Teaching Method®
    • Compact, lively and entertaining
    • Structured and easy to understand
    • Lots of practice: you can immediately apply the knowledge you learn in the course
    • Theory optimized to the essentials
    • Many examples and tasks whose level of difficulty increases linearly
    • Small groups: max. 8 participants in the 3-day course; max. 15 participants in online coaching
    • Highly qualified trainers with up to 30 years of experience in industry and teaching at German colleges and universities
    • For on-site training, we provide participants with modern laptops at no additional cost

    Do the participants of the C# courses receive a certificate?

    Of course, as a participant in a C# course you will receive a certificate. The prerequisite for this is the complete participation in all course units and programming tasks and the successful programming of a small final project. However, after an intensive C# course, this will certainly give you more pleasure than stress.


    We are very happy to take time for you. Use our contact form for a written contact. Our team will respond quickly and within 24 hours at the latest. In case of technical questions and to clarify the focal points, which are target-oriented for your team, please use the possibility of a non-binding consultation appointment.