Web Development 07: Scratch For Kids
Scratch course for kids

Would you like to introduce your child to digitization and the world of IT in a fun way? Do you want your child to get involved with promising and future-oriented things instead of just spending hours playing with their smartphone or tablet? Then this programming course with Scratch is the right course. Because here your child learns how to program his own games with Scratch. This is much more fun than just playing games on the web, and more importantly, your child will learn the basic concepts and language elements of a modern programming language in a fun way. This includes concepts like variables, animation, collision detection, conditions and loops, and functions. Your child will learn all of these rather abstract and dry concepts through visually appealing GUIs and create their own game, which they will be proud to present to you at the end. Learn more about this Scratch course for kids...


  • Learning the Scratch graphical programming language
  • Programming own Scratch games and playing with them
  • Enable children to enter the IT world in a playful and easy way
  • Good preparation for further more demanding children's course

Course formats

4-week training program

2x/week live coaching


Teaching materials


Video clips

Video clips
Training subscription

1x/week live coaching


Teaching materials


Video clips

Video clips
Learning-by-video course

Teaching materials


Video clips

Video clips

All courses also include unlimited access to our member area with many more videos, tutorials and information about coding.


The course covers a selection of the following topics:

  • Scratch Account
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Motion
  • Looks
  • Sound
  • Events
  • Sensing
  • Operators
  • Variables
  • MyBlocks
  • Over 15 Workshops
  • Final Project: Game Programming

For more details, please see the agenda below.


This Scratch course is suitable for children 8 years and older. It does not require any previous programming knowledge. 🙂 

Your kids will have a lot of fun here and program their own games in a fun way!

  • Individual: we specifically address your needs and take into account your previous knowledge, desired topics and focal points

  • Structured and easy to understand

  • Take your career, studies or training to the next level: with certificate

  • Safely and independently develop programmes (whether private, professional or for your start-up)

  • Lots and lots of practice: immediately applicable results

  • Small groups: max. 8 participants in the 3-day course max. 12 participants in online coaching

  • Developed by experts according to the Raed Method® & geared to the requirements of tech companies in 2020

  • E-mail support even after the end of the course


Scratch is graphically-based very simple web-based programming language for children and teenagers, which consists of blocks. It was developed at MIT Media Lab and is HTML 5 and JavaScript based language.

The child drags the Scratch blocks to the scripting area and associates them with a particular character, in the technical language of game programming such characters are called avatars. With the code blocks your child can make his avatar perform certain actions, e.g. walk, run, jump, turn around, change costumes, shoot, disappear and reappear, move randomly, control direction and speed and much more to such cool animations and movements with cheerful colors.

If the child also sets a background as a game world , adds a few avatars and provides them with actions, then indeed a runnable game or story is created that could be expanded at will. This is great fun and enjoyment for the children.

Imagination, creative ability and innovation unfold in many children and they indeed master very beautiful games, of which they are very proud and show us parents with much enthusiasm 🙂 . It is just wonderful to see the children so happy, joyful and proud as they master their own games from idea to implementation.

I must say, the joy and smiling faces of the children have also prepared me a lot of joy and fun.

What will you learn on the first day?

You will learn how to start Scratch, create a Scratch account and learn the important controls of Scratch. Hi, you! Let's make a cat walk! Upst...our cat keeps running...stop! it has to turn around and come back to us! But not head over! but normal. Hmm...let's add other characters (avatars) and play around with them. Bring your avatars to life! Make them move, jump and run! Did you know that today you have already learned many programming concepts like variables, conditions and loops?

What will you learn on the second day?

Let's do some more cool stuff today. Do you want to have your dog, cat or your favorite animal or teddy in the game too? Yes no problem, let's create our own avatars today, and provide them with sound and funny costumes too! Do we also want to create our own game world? No problem, let's paint together! How about a maze? Cool, hmmm...let's master a game of catch..bring on the avatars! A mouse looking for and collecting cheese. Is that still too easy? Well then no problem, let's conjure up a ghost to chase our mouse! Maybe a spider to go with it? But who can play the game best here? Let's make point systems and make the game more difficult the more points you get! Hi...did you know that you also learned more programming concepts today? Like collision detection? Game Loop? and functions?

What will you learn on the third day?

Let's master more cool games today! At least 3 more games we can do together today, I'll start with you and you master the rest! Sorry! May I have my own ideas? But of course you are allowed and should bring and implement your own ideas today at the latest! You are now a scratch master and can realize your own game from idea to implementation and program it with Schacht! I am very convinced of that and very proud of you! Show me your work too and let's play your game together! 🙂

This is exactly how all children's courses are structured: fun and joy in learning and programming!


The Scratch course will be conducted by one of the following trainers:


Of course, you will receive a certificate as a participant in the Scratch course. Prerequisite for this is the complete participation in all course units and programming tasks and the successful programming of your game. However, this will give you so much joy and fun after this intensive Scratch basic course.


We explain all the Scratch controls that are listed here in the agenda. But we don't explain them as they are listed in the agenda, but by means of running games that we master together with the children. The agenda is in English but the course is in German. On request we can also hold the course in English.

Scratch Course for Kids Day 1


  • Scratch Account
  • Scratch GUI
  • Your First Scratch Code


  • move 10 steps
  • turn 15 degrees
  • go to random position
  • go to x:0 y:0
  • gilde 1 secs to random position
  • gild 1 secs to x:0 y:0
  • point in direction 90
  • point towards mouse-pointer
  • chance x by 10
  • set x to 0
  • change y by 10
  • set y to 0
  • if on edge, bounce
  • x position
  • y position
  • direction


  • say Hello for 2 seconds
  • say Hello
  • think Hmmm...for 2 seconds
  • think Hmm...
  • switch costume to custome2
  • next costume
  • switch backdrop to backdrop1
  • next backdrop
  • change size by 10
  • set size to 100%
  • change color effect by 25
  • set color effect to 0
  • clear graphic effects
  • show
  • hide
  • go to front layer
  • go forward 1 layers
  • constume number
  • backdrop number
  • size


  • play sound Meow until done
  • start sound Meow
  • stop all sounds
  • change pitch effect by 10
  • set pitch effect to 100
  • clear sound effects
  • cange volume by -10
  • set volume to 100%
  • volume


  • when clicked
  • when space key pressed
  • when this sprite licked
  • when backdrop switches to backdrop1
  • when loudness > 10
  • when I receive message1
  • broadcast message1
  • broadcast message1 and wait

Let us Coding

  • Your First Game
  • Add Avatars
  • Move Avatars
  • Change Looks
  • Change Sound

Scratch Course for Kids Day 2


  • wait 1 seconds
  • repeat 10
  • forever
  • if then
  • if then else
  • wait until
  • repeat until
  • stop all
  • when I start as a clone
  • create clone of myself
  • delete this clone


  • touching mouse-pointer?
  • touchning color
  • color x is touching color y?
  • distance to mouse-pointer
  • ask what's your name? and wait
  • answer
  • key space pressed?
  • mouse down?
  • mouse x
  • mouse y
  • set drag mode draggable
  • loudness
  • timer
  • reset timer
  • backdrop # of Stage
  • current year
  • days since 2000
  • username


  • +
  • -
  • *
  • /
  • pick random 1 to 10
  • > 50
  • < 50
  • = 50
  • and
  • or
  • not
  • join apple banana
  • letter 1 of apple
  • length of apple
  • apple contains a?
  • mod
  • round
  • abs of


  • Make a Variable
  • my variable
  • set my variable to 0
  • change my variable by 1
  • show variable my variable
  • hide variable my variable
  • Make a list

My Blocks

  • Make a Block
  • Use a Block

Scratch Course for Kids Day 3

Game Programming

  • Action Game
  • Shooting Game
  • Race Game
  • Puzzle Game

Your own Games?

  • Your Ideas?
  • Show us your Game!

Course formats / dates

1 Day Crash Course

In München oder Online

3 Days Course

In München oder Online


Participation possible at any time

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Participation possible at any time

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