Python 04: Python for Advanced
Python practical course for advanced Python learners

Do you want to quickly, efficiently and in a practical way bring your Python knowledge to the next level, acquire knowledge in object-oriented programming as well as in advanced topics in Python and thus the ability to implement even challenging projects? Do you want to simplify complex Python code and structure it properly in modules and packages? Then this is the right course for you and you don't need to look any further. Learn more about this Python practical course for Python programmers here...


  • Learn advanced techniques in Python
  • Be able to write sophisticated Python programs
  • Understand object-oriented programming with Python
  • Structuring programs into larger packages
  • Ideal preparation for courses in artificial intelligence with Python
This Python course teaches you advanced techniques and best practices in Python in a simple and structured way and helps you implement challenging projects in Python. It is intended for software developers with solid Python skills who want to use Python as a full-fledged programming language for large projects and therefore need a deep understanding of Python and advanced topics of programming with Python.

Learn Python from our experts and you will be amazed at what is possible!

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All courses also include unlimited access to our member area with many more videos, tutorials and information about coding.


The course covers a selection of the following topics:

  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Iteration and Generators
  • List Comprehension
  • Dictionary Comprehension
  • Handing Exception
  • Working with Files
  • Packages and Modules
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Excursion into Pytest

For more details, please see the agenda below.


This Python course was developed and optimized for Python programmers. It is ideal for people who have taken our Python for Programmers course or have similar knowledge.

If you are new to the programming world and are looking for a Python course for beginners with no previous programming experience, please visit our Python course for non-programmers. If you are a programmer and have never worked with Python before, please visit our Python course for programmers.

Testimonials (4)

Oliver Hein - 7. November 2020
„I also read your book Java kompakt and found it very helpful and good for beginners. Your lectures in software architecture were very educational, practical and entertaining at the same time.“

Anna Muster - 7. November 2020
„Ich habe zusätzlich ihr Buch Java kompak gelesen und fand dies auch sehr gelungen und gut für Einsteiger. Ihre Vorträge in Softwarearchitektur waren sehr lehrreich, praxisorientiert und zugleich unterhaltsam.“

Florian Wahl - 7. November 2020
„Although I already knew a lot about Java before the Java coaching, I was able to significantly expand and improve my knowledge in this area. Mr. Read managed to convey even difficult and demanding topics in an entertaining, interesting and practical way.“

Sarah Zahralden - 7. November 2020
„Mr. Raed is an extremely good lecturer. He explained the topics in a way that made it easy to memorize and apply what was learned. Complex code fragments were explained in an understandable way using clear examples.“

  • Individual: we specifically address your needs and take into account your previous knowledge, desired topics and focal points

  • Structured and easy to understand

  • Take your career, studies or training to the next level: with certificate

  • Safely and independently develop programmes (whether private, professional or for your start-up)

  • Lots and lots of practice: immediately applicable results

  • Small groups: max. 8 participants in the 3-day course max. 12 participants in online coaching

  • Developed by experts according to the Raed Method® & geared to the requirements of tech companies in 2020

  • E-mail support even after the end of the course


This three-day course introduces advanced and specialised topics in the Python programming language. The course is aimed at programmers, software developers and software architects who are familiar with Python and want to improve their understanding of how the language works and apply it to a wider range of applications. Participants are given instructive problems to solve using the newly learned techniques. Depending on the objectives and the desired focus of the participants, topics may include a selection of the following:

- Object-oriented programming in Python

- Solving problems with idiomatic Python constructs

- Mastering advanced data structures

- Use advanced data stores such as databases

- Use structured file formats (e.g. XML, JSON)

- Structuring of programmes into larger packages

- Distributing libraries as Python packages

- Use of dynamic language functions to avoid writing code

- Interactively develop and explore Python code in Jupyter notebooks

- Reading data from remote data sources and web APIs

- Asynchronous Programming

What do you learn on the first day?

You will learn how to define classes, constructors and methods in Python, distribute them in different packages and modules, create objects and call methods. We work with PyCharm or with Visual Studio Code. With many examples and tasks you will master object-oriented programming in Python (OOP). Then we move on to more advanced OOP topics such as inheritance and polymorphism. We can already realise a small management system with this!

What do you learn on the second day?

You will learn advanced techniques in data structures such as lists and dictionary comprehension, but also iteration and generators. Then we look at working with files in detail: reading, writing and modifying files with Python. You learn how to store data in databases, and how to process structured file formats like XML and JSON with Python. Now what happens when you want to process a file that does not exist? To handle such exceptions, you also learn about exception handling, exception and how exception handling looks like in Python.

What do you learn on the third day?

On the last day you will learn more advanced and important topics such as asynchronous programming in Python, how parallel programming and thread are handled in Python. Now you are able to write very sophisticated projects in Python, but how do we best structure the project? Here you will learn more best practices about packages and modules and if there is enough time, you will get a taste of the unit test course with Python. We are happy to give you a short introduction to Pytest and how you can test your Python code. This depends on how far we have come. Alternatives could be reading data from remote data sources and WEP APIs.

What is the difference between Python for Advanced Training and the other Python training courses at Münchner Akademie?

The Python for Beginners course corresponds to the "Basic" level. The Python for Programmers course corresponds to the "Intermediate" level, while the Python for Advanced corresponds to the "Advanced" level. It covers advanced topics from the Python language itself, i.e. from Python Core without foreign libraries. The Python for Engineers course, on the other hand, covers external Python libraries for working with everyday engineering problems and scientific problems. The Python as Scripting Lanugae course, on the other hand, is a course for using Python as a scripting language to control or automate any processes. Neither data structures nor object-oriented programming are covered. Which course is right for you depends on your goal. With exclusive company training, you and your team can even put together a combination of different topics from different courses. We will help you to put together the most suitable and goal-oriented topics for you. Topics that maximise the benefits for your team and move them forward effectively.

Where do we go from here?

After this course, you will have "Advanced" level in Python and will be able to master demanding Python programmes. If you want to continue your education in this exciting area, we recommend the course Clean Code with Python, or Clean Unit Testing with Python, or Clean Software Architecture with Python. If you need Python for mathematical calculation, statistics and simulation of processes, we recommend the course "Python for Engineers". Or maybe you are interested in artificial intelligence topics, then you are well equipped with this course to master the AI tasks with Python. We look forward to welcoming you to this and future courses at the Munich Coding Academy!


The advanced Python course is conducted by one of the following trainers:


Of course, you will receive a certificate as a participant in the Python course for advanced programmers. The prerequisite for this is the complete participation in all course units and programming tasks and the successful programming of a small final project. This, however, will give you more pleasure than stress after this intensive Python basic course.


The agenda is written in English due to the numerous technical terms. You will receive descriptions and course material in German. You can book the course in either German or English.

All seminar contents are individually adapted to the wishes of our participants. They can vary depending on the level of knowledge and are defined together with the seminar leader on day 1. In this Python seminar, you can choose from the following topics:

Python Course for Advanced Programmers Day 1


  • What is OOP?
  • Classes and Objects
  • Accessing Attributes
  • Built-In Class Attributes
  • Garbage Collection
  • Class Inheritance
  • Overriding Methods
  • Data Hiding
  • Regular Expressions


  • Methods Syntax
  • Built-in String Methods
  • String Methods in Action
  • Functions vs. Methods
  • Overriding Methods

Python Course for Advanced Programmers Day 2

More to Lists

  • Indexing, Slicine, and Matrixes
  • Built-in List Functions & Methods
  • List Comprehension

Working with Files

  • Open File
  • Close File
  • Create File
  • Read File
  • Update File
  • Delete File
  • ...

Handling Exception

  • Handling with if/else
  • Exception Error classes
  • ...

Working with Database (Options)

  • create
  • read
  • update
  • delete

Working with file formats

  • Python and XMX
  • Python and JSON
  • Python and XML

Python Course for Advanced Programmers Day 3

Asynchrone Programming

  • Parallel Programming
  • Multithreading

Python Exception

  • What is an Exception?
  • Handling an Exception
  • Expect Clause with No Exceptions

Object Oriented Programming

  • Classes
  • Constructors
  • Methods

Package and Modules

  • Working with PyCharm
  • Defining Packages
  • Defining Modules
  • Locating Modules
  • Namespaces und Scoping

Exkurs: Unit Test

  • Introduction
  • PyTest Example

Working with Database (Options)

  • create
  • read
  • update
  • delete

Course formats / dates

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3 Days Course

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Participation possible at any time

4-Wochen-Training copy

Participation possible at any time

For teams

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  • Consulting
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