C++ 06: C++ Programmers
C++ practical course for C, C# Java, JavaScript or Python programmers

You can already program in a language other than C++ and are familiar with the basic concepts of a modern programming language such as variables, data types, functions and data structures? You want to learn C++ quickly and effectively, be it for an ongoing project or because you want to migrate a C++ code into another programming language? Or you want to understand foreign C++ code and write unit tests for it or extend the existing code? This course will take you to the Intermediate level in C++ in just 3 days, learning the language in an effective, lively and sustainable way. Learn more about this C++ course...


  • Master your entry into C++ quickly
  • Shorten the learning curve on C++ projects
  • Work effectively on C++ projects
  • Learn object-oriented programming with C++
  • Good preparation for advanced topics in C++

This C++ course for programmers corresponds to the Intermediate Level in C++. Here you will learn the C++ specific syntax and semantics in a targeted and efficient way, so that you can work effectively with C++ projects and understand, extend and, if necessary, adapt C++ code

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All courses also include unlimited access to our member area with many more videos, tutorials and information about coding.


The course covers a selection of the following topics:

  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Struct and Union
  • Controll Flow
  • Pointer
  • Reference
  • Function Objects
  • Lambda Expressions
  • STL Data Structures
  • STL Algorithms
  • Adaptive STL
  • Working with Bet Flags
  • Smart Pointer
  • Input and Output
  • Using Streams
  • Exception Handling

For more details, please see the agenda below.


This C++ course is intended for people with programming knowledge in another programming language such as Java, C#, C, JavaScript or Python, or for people who have basic C++ knowledge to the extent of our C++ for non-programmers. The aim of the course is to learn the specific language elements and language concepts of C++ in a short period of time and also to cover selected intermediate topics.

If you have no experience or knowledge of another programming language and are new to the programming world and would like to learn C++, please check out the C++ for Non-Programmers course.

  • Individual: we specifically address your needs and take into account your previous knowledge, desired topics and focal points

  • Structured and easy to understand

  • Take your career, studies or training to the next level: with certificate

  • Safely and independently develop programmes (whether private, professional or for your start-up)

  • Lots and lots of practice: immediately applicable results

  • Small groups: max. 8 participants in the 3-day course max. 12 participants in online coaching

  • Developed by experts according to the Raed Method® & geared to the requirements of tech companies in 2020

  • E-mail support even after the end of the course


This three-day course provides a deeper insight into the C++ programming language. The course is intended for users with prior experience in C++ who want to develop a better understanding of the language and start using it for larger projects and on a wider set of problems. The participants get instructive problems to solve using the newly learned techniques.

What do you learn on the first day?

You learn the specific topics of C++ such as pointers and references, structure and union. Of course, you also learn the basic concepts of object-oriented programming with C++. You learn how to declare C++ classes and how to define constructors and create objects with them, how inheritance and polymorphs work in C++. You will also quickly learn the syntax of control flow such as conditions and loops in C++, so that you will be able to write C++ code by the end of this day.

What do you learn on the second day?

Today we get into the Standard Template Library STL. We look at the different data structures that this STL gives us out of the box as well as the STL algorithms. We look at the sequential containers but also the associative containers, adaptive STL, STL iterators. You will also learn about Function Objects and the concept of the Smart Pointer.

What do you learn on the third day?

Now we will look at how we can process data more efficiently with C++. First you will learn Lambda Expression, Behaviour Parameterisation and how to work with streams. Then you will learn how to edit files with C++. The input/output library in C++ and how we can use streams with it. Of course, exception handling and working with beta flags are also part of the course. Finally, there is a C++ project, whether it is an administration system or a mini-game, which puts into action what has been learned in all 3 days and highlights the connections. In all three days, there are always many examples and small programming tasks, so that you not only learn the important C++ concepts in theory, but also directly implement them in practice and thus learn C++ quickly and effectively in practice.

What is the difference between C++ For non-programmers training and the other C++ training courses at Münchner Akademie?

at the Munich Academy?

  • After C++ for Beginners, you have C++ Basic Level
  • After C++ for Programmers you have C++ Intermediate Level
  • After C++ for Advanced you will have C++ Advanced Level

The C++ training for programmers is made for people with previous programming knowledge. Therefore, we will learn all topics from C++ for Beginners on the first day quickly, very compactly and quickly with many examples and small workshops. From the second day onwards, we will continue with selected intermediate topics such as STL, Lambda Expressions, Streams and C++ I/O. The pace is relatively fast and targeted to your needs and speed. We make sure that the groups are as homogeneous as possible, because this means that everyone learns faster and better. Since all participants should be familiar with another programming language and most of the technical terms from this course are more or less known to them, we can move quickly with the pace and adapt it agilely to the wishes of the participants.

If you are new to the programming world, please check out C++ Course for Beginners! If these topics are all familiar to you, please check out the C++ for Advanced course.

Where do we go from here?

After this course, you will be at intermediate level in C++ and will be able to master simple to intermediate programs in C++ consisting of several classes. If you want to learn more exciting advanced topics in C++ effectively, then check out our advanced C++ course. If you are more interested in testing C++ code, we recommend the Unit Testing with C++ course. If you want to produce very good and clean C++ code right from the start, then the Clean Code with C++ is the ideal course for you. If you want to realise software architecture with C++, then we recommend our Clean Software Architecture with C++. We would be very happy to welcome you to the C++ practical courses or other courses of the Munich Coding Academy.


The C++ course for programmers is conducted by one of the following trainers:


Of course, as a participant in the C++ course for programmers you will receive a certificate. Prerequisite for this is the complete participation in all course units and programming tasks and the successful programming of a small final project. This, however, will give you more pleasure than stress after this intensive C++ Intermediate course.


The agenda is written in English due to the numerous technical terms. Descriptions as well as course material are provided in German. You can book the course either in German or English.

All seminar contents are individually adapted to the wishes of our participants. They can vary depending on the level of knowledge and will be defined together with the seminar leader on day 1. In this C++ course you have the choice of the following topics:

C++ Course for Programmers Day 1

Objekt Oriented in C++

  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Constructors
  • Struct
  • Union
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphy

C++ Fundamentals Topics

  • Pointer
  • References
  • Control Flow in C++
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Functions in C++

C++ Course for Programmers Day 2

Standard Template Library STL

  • Sequential Containers
  • Associative Containers
  • Container Adapters
  • STL Iterators
  • STL Algorithms
  • Using auto Keywords

Input/Output in C++

  • Output
  • Input
  • I/O State
  • Formatting
  • File Streams
  • String Streams

C++ Course for Programmers Day 3

Functions and Streams

  • Function Objects
  • Lambda Expression
  • Defining Streams
  • Using Streams for Input and Output

More Intermediate Topics

  • Understanding Smart Pointer
  • Working with Bet Flags
  • Error Handling in C++
  • Exception Handling

Course formats / dates

1 Day Crash Course

In München oder Online

3 Days Course

In München oder Online


Participation possible at any time

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Participation possible at any time

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