Artificial Intelligence 04: AI Basic with Python
Basic Course Artificial Intelligence for Python programmers

You are a Python programmer and want to learn the most important topics of the new field of Artificial Intelligence and find out where you can integrate them into your current projects, software architectures and designs? Then this is the course for you. Step by step and in a hands-on way, you will learn many AI concepts and algorithms such as Intelligent Search, Logical Reasoning, Knowledge Representation, Decision Theory to Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language and Multi-Agent and how to implement them with Python and integrate them into your code. Learn more about this exciting AI practical training here...


  • Learn modern topics of artificial intelligence in a hands-on way
  • Decide whether artificial intelligence is suitable for your project
  • Safe entry into a broad spectrum of artificial intelligence topics
  • Basics for further AI topics like Machine Learning and Deep Learning

This course covers the modern basics of artificial intelligence. The topics have been carefully selected for you by our AI experts. Your trainers are distinguished university professors and industry practitioners, each with a different AI focus and different topics. The selected topics cover the most widely used AI topics in the industry.

Learn AI from our experts, and you will be amazed at what is possible!

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All courses also include unlimited access to our member area with many more videos, tutorials and information about coding.


The course covers a selection of the following topics:

  • Search and Constraint Satisfaction
  • Logical Reasoning and Knowledge Representation
  • Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision Theory
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing and Commonsense Reasoning
  • Multi-Agent Problems
  • Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

For more details, please see the agenda below.


This Artificial Intelligence course is suitable for those with a very good knowledge of Python, as well as basic knowledge of linear algebra and probability theory.

If you want to take this course with R programming language, then check out AI course with R. If you are a team leader, manager, executive, or non-programmer, check out our Artificial Intelligence for Decision Makers course.

  • Individual: we specifically address your needs and take into account your previous knowledge, desired topics and focal points

  • Structured and easy to understand

  • Take your career, studies or training to the next level: with certificate

  • Safely and independently develop programmes (whether private, professional or for your start-up)

  • Lots and lots of practice: immediately applicable results

  • Small groups: max. 8 participants in the 3-day course max. 12 participants in online coaching

  • Developed by experts according to the Raed Method® & geared to the requirements of tech companies in 2020

  • E-mail support even after the end of the course


This course provides an overview of the major topics in modern artificial intelligence (AI). It requires no prior knowledge of AI, but participants should be fluent in a programming language (e.g., Python or C++) and have basic knowledge of linear algebra and probability theory.


The AI course for Python programmers is taught by one of the following trainers:


Of course, as a participant in the artificial intelligence course for Python programmers you will receive a certificate. The prerequisite for this is the complete participation in all course units and programming tasks and the successful programming of a small final project. This, however, will give you more pleasure than stress after this intensive AI training.


The agenda is written in English due to the numerous technical terms. Descriptions as well as course material will be provided in German. You can book the course either in German or English.

All seminar contents are individually adapted to the wishes of our participants. They can vary depending on the level of knowledge and will be defined together with the seminar leader on day 1. In this AI with Python seminar you have the choice of the following topics:

Artificial Intelligence for Python Programmers Day 1

Search and Constraint Satisfaction

  • Search strategies and their problems
  • Heuristic search: practical exploration of large spaces
  • Adverserial search: Germes and more
  • Constraint Solving: efficient exploration of huge, structured spaces

Logical Reasoning and Knowledge Representation

  • Predicate logic: reasoning about propositions
  • Temporal logic and model checking
  • First-order logic: reasoning about individuals
  • Higher-order logics: reasoning about sets, functions, and more

Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision Theory

  • Why do logical techniques not work (usually)?
  • Probability theory and probabilistic inference
  • Markov chains and MDPs
  • Decision theory

Artificial Intelligence for Python Programmers Day 2

Machine Learning

  • Foundations of Machine Learning
  • Traditional approaches to ML
  • Neural networks and deep learning
  • Learning to act: Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep reinforcement learning

Computer Vision

  • Classifying images
  • Image segmentation

Natural Language Processing and Commonsense Reasoning

  • Why is language so difficult?
  • Statistical approaches
  • embeddings, and deep learning for NLP
  • Transformers

Artificial Intelligence for Python Programmers Day 3

Multi-Agent Problems

  • Communicating
  • Cooperating
  • Agent architectures
  • Decision making
  • Group decisions and Coalitions
  • Resource allocation
  • bargaining
  • arguing

Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Embodied agents
  • Operation in space: SLAM
  • Detecting objects using videos and sensors
  • Path planning for autonomous vehicles

Course formats / dates

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Participation possible at any time

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Participation possible at any time

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